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Elongated Hardwood Toilet Seat

Elongated Hardwood Toilet Seat
Elongated Hardwood Toilet Seat

Elongated Hardwood Toilet Seat

Brand: Mac Select
'As Shown' Price: $260.00

Available Options Pricing:
$260.00 Polished Brass, Cherry
$260.00 Chrome, Cherry
$285.00 Matte Nickel, Cherry
$260.00 Polished Nickel, Cherry
$260.00 Lacquered Brass, Cherry
$285.00 Oil Rubbed Bronze, Cherry
$260.00 Polished Brass, Mahogany
$260.00 Chrome, Mahogany
$285.00 Matte Nickel, Mahogany
$260.00 Polished Nickel, Mahogany
$260.00 Lacquered Brass, Mahogany
$285.00 Oil Rubbed Bronze, Mahogany
$260.00 Polished Brass, Oak
$260.00 Chrome, Oak
$285.00 Matte Nickel, Oak
$260.00 Polished Nickel, Oak
$260.00 Lacquered Brass, Oak
$285.00 Oil Rubbed Bronze, Oak
$260.00 Polished Brass, Quarter-sawn Oak
$260.00 Chrome, Quarter-sawn Oak
$285.00 Matte Nickel, Quarter-sawn Oak
$260.00 Polished Nickel, Quarter-sawn Oak
$260.00 Lacquered Brass, Quarter-sawn Oak
$285.00 Oil Rubbed Bronze, Quarter-sawn Oak
$260.00 Polished Brass, Walnut
$260.00 Chrome, Walnut
$285.00 Matte Nickel, Walnut
$260.00 Polished Nickel, Walnut
$260.00 Lacquered Brass, Walnut
$285.00 Oil Rubbed Bronze, Walnut
 Please select options:

Custom-made Heavy Duty Hardwood Toilet Seat with Solid Brass Hinge and Rubber Bumpers - Elongated Size. Available in Oak (shown), Quarter-sawn Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, or Walnut.

Solid brass hinge in your choice of metal finish.

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